Friday, July 12, 2013

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Smart LTE vs. Globe Tattoo Price Comparison

Here are the LTE service plans offered by Smart and Globe.
On paper, it looks like Globe has one up against Smart in this round.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Philippine Smart’s negative advertising boomerangs

“Don’t invite comparison if you’re unsure that your product is really superior” is a basic rule that Smart Telecom apparently overlooked when it launched its multi-million negative advertising campaign.

It is Smart subscribers who might have a problem. If it is true that Smart has already completed its system upgrading program, its service, according to NTC’s statements, still leaves a lot to be desired.

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Philippine telcos Service that sucks click below to read

Thursday, September 20, 2012

NTC say in tests Smart 4 Globe 1 in review of Philippine cell networks

SMART Communications Inc.’s network is officially better than that of rival Globe Telecom Inc., data from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) showed.
Of all the 5 tests that NTC has conducted, only 1 test shows that Globe has an edge over Smart and that is the Grade of Service.
Translated into layman’s terms, what this result means is that Smart’s signal level is up to five times stronger than Globe’s. In terms of customer experience, a stronger signal level means better indoor coverage, resulting in better voice quality, less drop calls, faster and more reliable SMS and higher data speeds.
For blocked calls, which refers to the percentage of calls that were not given access by the network, both cellular firms failed this test. Smart garnered a score of 9.95 percent while Globe recorded 4.45 percent. The standard is set at 4 percent. For this criteria, the NTC noted that Globe’s performance has an edge over Smart.  the fact is that Smart has already upgraded their network but their services are still lacking…
press release NTC  study
SMART press release

Monday, September 10, 2012

PLDT eyeing American hookup for mobile voice, data service in US

This may be a catch up move as Globe already has a major USA partner, Vonnage offering unlimited free calls to all Globe's Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM and Globelines subscribers in the Philippines  The Globe Vonage plan combines unlimited calling to all of Globe’s more than 31 million mobile and wireline subscribers which includes their cell phones and landlines and should make the Globe landline subscription very desired in the Philippines as a result.
If PLDT, SMART, SUN, and Talk & Text were all combined in the same package linkup as sister companies, it would be a great incentive for subscribers of PLDT like Globe has already.

CEBU - The international sales and marketing arm of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. is looking to partner with an American company for mobile voice and data services, targeting over three million Filipinos based in the US.

"We are really striving hard to get to larger markets. We opened in Taiwan, Malaysia, Guam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. The challenge is picking the right partner in the US," Eric Alberto, PLDT executive vice president and head of Enterprise and International and Carrier Business told reporters.

Skype might be a good fit for their consideration with so many in the world using Skype now and it being a paid service available including in the USA.
Skype heading for mobile bills
This would be excellent for the millions of overseas contract workers as they are already active Skype usersl to make contact with  PLDT, SMART, SUN, and Talk & Text were all combined in the same package linkup as sister companies just like Globe already offers (through Vonage  and would make voice calls again revelant.

Skype subscriptions
Another excellent hookup partner might be Ooma

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Philippine NTC to Globe telephone: Set deadline for ongoing systems upgrade

THE National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has called the attention of Globe Telecom Inc. for the inconvenience suffered by its subscribers complaining of dropped calls, delayed SMS (short message service), slow mobile browsing and difficulty in calling.

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Philippine Traditional phone services soon to be thing of the past

Traditional phone services face “extinction” in as little as three years with the growing popularity of services offered by Skype and other voice applications that run over the Internet free of charge, the country’s leading mobile network said.

Delivering a speech by Smart chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan, who was originally slated as the event’s key note speaker, Vea said the growing popularity of Skype, Google Talk and other services posed the biggest risk to the growth of telcos around the world.

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PLDT to reposition itself and focus on retail market
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